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13 Points to Creating YOUR Successful Life

I was fortunate this week to spend some time with Kevin Eastman, Vice President of Basketball Operations for the Los Angeles Clippers (a brilliant leader and a deep thinker) and JP Clark, one of the Clipper Assistant Coaches (JP is a rising NBA head coach).
We were at a speaker boot camp learning from other Masters things we don’t know that we don’t know, and trying to hone our skills.
Kevin took the stage for about 45 minutes and shared 13 great tips for building a life full of success.
I knew immediately that I would want to share them with YOU!
1. Success comes through change and is both good and bad – you choose
2. Success is an exercise in inconvenience
3. Success only comes when we make a commitment to sacrifice
4. Success = A few simple acts continued day after day after day
5. Success is not created in a vacuum – it takes help
6. Success is found in simplicity rather than in sophistication
7. Success leaves footprints
8. Success finds solutions not blame
9. Success is a battle against fear
10. Success NEVER comes through settling
11. Success has time zones – spare vs. part vs. full vs. ALL THE TIME
12. Success doesn’t network, it builds relationships
13. Successful people read, think, evaluate, then take ACTION
Wow………..a successful man with a wonderfully successful list. Now, off to work to make each of them a Priority!!
Smiles, Have a GREAT week and Keep on Seeking…………Mark
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