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5 Qualities of GREAT Leaders

Throughout our life, we have opportunities to lead.
It may be a family, a team, an organization, a company, or a community.
I’ve spent my whole life watching and learning from a few great leaders.
That’s nearly 60 years now………….wow………how did that happen!
Most of the best leaders in my life will never be famous, and they’ll never have their names recognized in books on leadership.
But I’ve noticed that they each exemplified five qualities that are worth developing in our own personal leadership roles.
The qualities are:
1. Respect for others – Everyone is different. Seek out their qualities and you’ll find them.
2. A focus on serving – People are watching…….they’re always watching.
3. Being Just – Not always easy, but so very important to your success.
4. Choosing honesty – You have plenty of personal experiences to prove this point.
5. Building community – When our decisions or our actions divide the troops, we’re blazing a dangerous path.
Sometimes it’s tough to be the leader, but developing these five qualities will help us succeed more often than we fail.
And…..the world will be better for our efforts.

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