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7.5 Steps to Improving YOUR Brain/Success

I’ve been listening to some of my old CD’s on motivation and success lately while driving back and forth to the airport (about 80 minutes each way).
It helps me stay focused, remove what Zig Ziglar called “stinkin’ thinkin’” and gets me excited about new possibilities.
Let’s face it, when our brain functions at max capacity good things always happen.
You might enjoy or benefit from what I call 7.5 Keys to More Powerful Thinking.
1. Read one book a month – the whole thing!
2. Read 3 or 4 blogs every week – LinkedIn counts as does Mark’s Minute.
3. Attend 2 or more conventions, programs or seminars every year (half to full day).
4. Invest 15 minutes each week watching a TED talk.
5. Purposefully help someone else with something important they’re working on.
6. Spend 1 hour each week pondering or creating a new idea or invention.
7. Review YOUR goals and YOUR priorities.
7.5 Write something every week – you know you have a book in you (or at least a blog).
Do these 7.5 simple (but not simplistic) keys and watch your life transform. You’ll not only create or contribute to new opportunities, but you’ll be A LOT Happier. Why not consider making them a priority?
Smiles, have a GREAT week and Keep on Seeking……………..Mark
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  1. Nicole Greer says:

    I love this post! I listen to my “classic” motivational talks as well. My fav is Brian Tracy. Check him out!

    And guess what Mark… I just did my first TEDTALK… here’s the link … let me know what you think…

    Vibrantly, Nicole

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