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I was listening to an interview with Dr. Daniel Amen yesterday while traveling and once again found his insight fascinating. You may have read a book or two about his brain research and it is not unusual for me to mention Dr. Amen in day long sessions when I am teaching topics relating to success or personal improvement.

Daniel is a master of studies on how the brain works and has authored many books on his teams’ research.

The audio interview I mention was with Success Magazine’s Darren Hardy, and their discussion turned to leadership skills.  I thought you might find it beneficial to learn Dr. Amen’s “7 Critical Steps to Leadership” because his philosophy is both useful and wise.

1. Become a forward thinker

2. Use good judgment

3. Always have empathy

4. Master impulse control

5. Exude passion

6. Understand motivation

7. Be flexible

Now pause, read them again, and think about how these steps relate to you and your leadership responsibilities.

Dr. Amen closed the interview with a valuable statement that I also need to share. He said “The hallmark of a good leader is they aren’t looking to do things the way they’ve always been done”.

Excellent thought isn’t it?

Leadership success comes through implementing these “7 Critical Steps”. If nothing else, we would be wise to begin here.

I hope you’ve had a good week…………..we’ll meet again soon………………..Mark

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