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It’s been interesting observing high school and college graduates as they begin their new life journey. Many though have no clear plan for their future. Major goal reached, now what?


Most of these young adults are investing untold hours of thought into what’s next. Some have expressed fear. I have chosen not to discourage them by sharing that many experienced adults still can’t answer the “What’s My Why” question either, and that causes some anxiety for them as well.


In the celebrated book You Don’t Need A Title To Be A Leader, Mark Sanborn shares a Barna Research study that shows nearly 1 out of 2 people are trying to figure out their purpose in life. Amazing!


Here is my simple but effective system for setting new goals and tracking your success – and, it works:


1. Define your why (your purpose and your priorities (Don Greeson and I are currently writing a    work book on this topic to help folks gain additional clarify in their own life)

2. Believe that you deserve to succeed

3. Create a plan and decide to work the plan

4. Begin (take immediate action)

5. Celebrate small achievements along the way

6. Don’t get discouraged by setbacks

7. Adjust and reevaluate as necessary (and that will be often)


Life is so much easier when we take small savory bites. My friend Terri Johnson would express it as “being in the moment”. There is so much more to share, but my time is up for now.

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