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9.5 Steps to Improving Our Lives

I’ve received a number of calls and emails lately from really good folks seeking ideas to improve their circumstances.
There’s never a quick and simple answer, but here’s a list of 9.5 things we can do to make each year a little better.
1. Read at least one book every month. Preferably something that will grow your mind and make you think. I’ve heard it said that “a mind expanded with a new idea will never return to its original size”.
2. Attend one or two programs, classes, or seminars this year that help you improve your skills. And church or those regular meetings you attend don’t count. Make it something new that will stimulate a new normal.
3. Read two or three blogs every week to help you gain a fresh perspective (Mark’s Minute counts!)
4. Invest 10 minutes every week watching a TED Talk or check out something new at Khan Academy ( and might also work for you).
5. Pay it forward or help someone that needs a lift. People need you and you’ll be better for serving.
6. Take a few moments each morning to be grateful for what you already have.
7. Create something new. Take a few minutes to write, build, or grow something cool. Not sure where to start………take a walk and you’ll come up with an idea. Maybe turn off the TV for just an hour?
8. Reread your Goals and Priorities. If you haven’t written them down yet, it’s time!
9. Get healthier. Life slows down when we’re physically or mentally deflated.
9.5 Take some time to relax. A 20 minute nap in the middle of the afternoon is refreshing and there’s science to show that siestas are mentally and physically good for us.
I hope you’re already doing some of these. And please don’t make excuses that you can’t fit them in your schedule. You can and if you add up all 9.5, you’ll see that the combined minutes spread throughout your week will generate way more positive results than negative effects…………why not make one a priority and before you know it, they’ll all become easy to do.
Smiles, have a GREAT week and Keep on Seeking……………Mark

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  1. Thanks, Mark. I needed this! I have printed this out and hung at my desk.

  2. Jill says:

    Thank you Mark! Great reminder of what makes life better! My 95 year old Mom is a great example. ….she heard about straw gardening at dinner with friends this winter. She has a new book on it, has read it, studied it and ordered the bales of straw and supplies to be delivered already so she can build her own. You should hear the excitement in her voice when she talks about it! I want to be just like her, always learning something new. It has kept her young, even at 95!

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