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Recently I spoke with hundreds of real estate professionals from NY, NJ, and PA at the Triple Play convention in Atlantic City. Just thought I’d share one of my topics in a 9 part series. Here’s the first one!

#1 – Establish a business plan and write it down

The biggest error I have observed in professionals across the country is that they are not organized and focused enough to really plan their future. If you don’t know where you’ve been, you can’t possibly determine your future success. And just saying that you want to have a better year next year is not enough. You can create a miracle in your life if you’ll just take the time to evaluate your current circumstances and write down your specific goals and dreams for the future. Don’t knock it until you try it, and it really works. Write that list. Plan for financial success. Find that joy. Put it on post it notes on your fridge or bathroom mirror. I’ve got mine in folder with dividers for different segments of my life. Whatever it takes to be reminded of what you want. Let your mind be creative and the allow the magic to happen. You’ll be surprised at how much your life can change. Have a terrific new year celebration and stay tuned for #2.

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