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Determine Your Niche!

It really didn’t take me long in business to realize that if I got focused on specializing in some specific area, a niche, rather than generalizing, that I could be more successful. And it doesn’t matter the size or location of your market. It’s really hard to try to be everything to everybody, and it can be financially and emotionally draining. Determining and clarifying your niche allows you to pinpoint where you should spend your time and your marketing resources, and it helps you develop a sphere of influence that creates success within that area of expertise.

Let’s say that you want to specialize in historical properties if you’re real estate. Where would be the best place to advertise your services and could you market without spending a lot of money? What kind of customer is more likely to buy or sale these properties? What kind of events or where do you go to meet these folks and do you already know somebody that could help you meet more of these people? Who’s your competition and what are they doing that works? What services or expertise could you offer customers in that niche that are not already being met? Maybe you could start with a mission statement to build clarity. Then, let’s create some goals.

One interesting thing that I have learned is that this will work with any niche. You decide where you want to be successful and get started. But, you better be clear on how to get started. It’s really tough and very expensive to try and be a specialist in every area.

And just to remind you, you and I are looking for specialistist in everything we do. How about your doctor. Got a problem, they’ll send you to a specialist. I sure wouldn’t head to Wal-mart if I was looking for comfortable and professional shoes. I’ve got a CPA that understands what I do and gives me excellent service and councel rather than heading to H&R Block.

You get the picture! Focus and clarity in your business will create long term success. It really works! Thanks again for your time and stay tuned for part 4……

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