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It is always interesting and sometimes difficult for me to share exciting personal news and even more challenging for me to ask a favor, but here goes……..

Don Greeson and I put the final touches on “Finding My Why, Glori’s Story – A Tale of Personal Achievement” in April and did a silent release on Amazon. We’ve had wonderful response and so many kind emails and remarks that the time quickly came to make an official announcement and set a date to invite ours friends, followers, and seekers to go online and consider a purchase.

So, with that said, we’d love for you and everyone you know that might be interested to go online TODAY to and purchase a copy of “Glori” in print for $20.00 or a Kindle version for $9.99. Or as Maxwell Smart would say in the hilarious TV show Get Smart……..How about say, by Friday!

And here is the bonus gift.

Email me at for the first chapter so you can take a free look.

I hope you know how much I appreciate you and wish for your happiness and success. Please know that I am available when you need me………….have a great week………..Mark

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