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Be honest. Have you ever cheated your employer by spending time on a personal project?  To varying degrees, most of us have. In much the same way, have you ever cheated yourself by wasting time avoiding a chore, or telling yourself that some dreams are “just not worth the effort”? Of course you have. We all have.

But when we start getting in the habit of lowering our expectations, or settling for nearly what we want, or accepting disappointing results as “good enough,” we rob ourselves, and perhaps others, of more than a little time. In some cases, cheating on the goal we set is the result of some inner conflict, such as “Do I really want to work that hard?” or “Do I deserve something that good?”

Years ago, a motivational sage named Earl Nightingale shared a thought that continues to haunt me. He explained how settling for something almost as good as what you really want or need—just because it has a lower price—is no bargain. The true bargain is finding exactly what you’re looking for at a fair price.

Substitute the word ‘investment’ for ‘price’ when it comes to personal goals. To achieve them, you invest time, focus, and energy to succeed. Settling for less than what you can achieve is cheating yourself and no true bargain. Invest the time it takes to do it right. Do you really deserve something that good? You bet you do!.

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