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Applying Sally Forth in YOUR Life

Although we don’t currently use the term, we still do it……..almost every single day.
The Cambridge dictionary defines the word as a verb.
sally forth – OLD-FASHIONED OR HUMOROUS – to leave a safe place in a brave or confident way in order to do something difficult.
Am I right?
Do you not leave your safe haven nearly every day in a brave or confident way to do something difficult?
Of course you do.
Life isn’t easy and it doesn’t matter whether we’re a kindergarten teacher or a mortgage banker.
And sometimes when we sally forth, it’s just plain humorous.
I appreciate what you do for this big old world. I hope you recognize what you do as valuable?
So………..sally forth!
Today is another day.
Be brave, have some confidence, get to work and make things happen……..even if the work is difficult.


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