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It appears that on almost a daily basis we see or experience dramatic, world altering changes.  Lives are involuntarily redirected in the glimpse of a moment.

In physics, a force is any influence that causes a free body to undergo a change in speed, a change in direction, or a change in shape.

In a smaller sense but equally as important, are the Forces of Nature that change lives for the better. Maybe that Force is you?

How are you planning on a daily basis to improve another person’s life? Do you focus your personal energy to help a client, or a family member, or a friend in an unexpected or unanticipated way?

Do you live your life in such a way that you are a Force of Nature to anyone? Just pause and think…..who can I help today to change their speed, improve their direction, or alter their shape?

Don Greeson and I have a goal to have a positive influence on 100 million people (10K2). That won’t be through book sales, but it could be through you! How about helping us by being that Force of Nature in another life beginning today and then someone else tomorrow?……….have a Forceful week……….Mark

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