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Are YOU a Misfit?

I took Gigi to see Barry Manilow a couple weeks ago as a Mother’s Day gift. Don’t stop reading, you’ll like the thought and principle I’m about to share!
Just in passing, Barry was reflecting on his high school awkwardness and that he only succeeded in life because he chose to join the orchestra rather than trying to be an athlete.
And so, Barry said;
“Misfits aren’t misfits when they are with other misfits.”
I pulled out my pad and wrote that down because so many times in my life I’ve felt like a misfit.
I’ll guess you have too?
We seek misfits like ourselves to stay within our comfort zone.
Which leads me to two thoughts.
Do we maximize our abilities when we find like minded misfits because they help us think and grow?
Will we become our best when we are stretched out of our comfort zone and learn new ideas from opposite misfits?
Don’t we actually need both…….like minded misfits to give us comfort and confidence……..and………a few divergent misfits to stretch us and vex us?
I’ll have to keep processing this for awhile, and then let you know.

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