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Stumbling blocks are obstacles or impediments. Stumbling blocks prevent progress and cause some deviation from an expected conclusion. Stumbling blocks create stress and frustration. Stumbling blocks make some people quit before they find happiness or success or joy or wonder or elation. For lack of a better word, stumbling blocks really bite!

Are you experiencing stumbling blocks that slow you down? Are you the stumbling block that is holding someone else back? Are you a stumbling block for your organization or company or family?

I have told my children their whole lives……..“If you’re not helping, you’re in the way!” Maybe that’s tough love, or maybe I just have character flaws. Either way, I believe it is true.

If you are experiencing stumbling blocks, begin the change with these five steps:

1. Identify what or who the problem is

2. Create solutions for advancing or going around the problem

3. Get some advice or help from others that care

4. Take action to make the change

5. Do not give up until you reach your goal

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