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Are You Embarrassed by YOUR Performance?

Even if you are not a NFL football fan, you likely know that the Denver Broncos got crushed by the Seattle Seahawks in the Superbowl.

On Monday, an ESPN analyst asked Payton Manning a question that to some might have appeared ridiculous and insensitive…….”Are you embarrassed by your teams’ performance?”

Ever the class act, Payton simply replied……“I would never use that word embarrassed. We did a lot right to get to this place………..”

Payton continued patiently and eloquently by saying……..“We’ll just need to choose to shake this off and get back to the basic skills that brought us here!”

At times, your life and mine are exactly like the Broncos. There are moments that just don’t work out as planned. In fact, we just get crushed.

Next time it happens, follow the wise Payton Manning advice.

Choose to shake it off and get back to the skills that you know create success.

Next time, you just might win YOUR Superbowl……………smiles and Keep on Seeking……..Mark

Payton Manning

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