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Are you really good at writing your list and getting things done? Do you have a system for organizing your year, your month, your week, your day? How about the next hour?

I tend to be very organized and write weekly lists. Sometimes, I don’t get the most important things done first. More than often, the most important things get delayed because of dread or fear. How about you?

This week changed the game! I’ve attached my new “Power of Focus” sheet. Now, every day, during my morning 1% time (about 15 minutes) I follow this system.

1. Write a list of my most important “To Do’s” (the sheet holds 5)

2. Prioritize them

3. Start on #1

4. Put the list in my pocket and pull it out to look at every 15 – 30 minutes

5. Don’t do #2 until I finish #1…………and so forth

6. Don’t let unimportant distractions get in my way (email, phone calls, a fire, etc.)

6. Don’t punish myself if something takes longer than I thought it would (I might only get 1 or 2 completed and that’s OK if it takes the whole day to get those done properly)

7. Celebrate or take time to reward myself when the list is accomplished!

Consider the possibilities? Will you try it with me and let me know how it worked out for you?

Do you know someone else that could use the system? Please pass it along……..

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