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Are YOU Guilty of F.O.M.O.?

FO•MO – ˈfōmō/noun
1. Anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen or heard on social media and your smart phone.

Is it time for a smart phone diet?

People have become so consumed with the tool that I watched someone trip and fall at the airport because their head was buried in their phone and they weren’t watching where they were going.

How about all the texting and driving TV ads? Many of us are guilty of that.

In 2010, Joey Reiman author of Thinking for a Living wrote the Blackberry 10 commandments.

I’ve taken the liberty of updating it for the iPhone in 2015 (substitute your device if it’s not Apple).

The iPhone 10 Commandments
1. Thou shalt not take thy iPhone to any table with food on it or family around it. Your phone did not come from a farm nor was it grown for physical consumption
2. Thou shalt not use thy iPhone as reading material in the event of insomnia. It will only worsen your situation
3. Thou shalt not iPhone in lieu of responding to a child’s, spouses, or significant others request (e.g., “Wait a second, I’m reading something)
4. Thou shalt not place thy iPhone within distance of hearing or seeing its incessant beeps and vibrations while at home unless you are alone
5. Thou shalt not check thy iPhone as if it were your baby. It will not cry or stop breathing
6. Thou shalt not confuse thy number of Facebook messages or Tweets with self worth
7. Thou shalt do everything to misplace thy iPhone on the weekends (“There’s No Place Like Home” will never be the tagline for the Apple company)
8. Thou shalt remember that thy iPhone is not a body appendage. It is a device that belongs in thy case or purse or pocket, or on thy desk but never during social settings
9. Thou shalt refrain from bringing thy iPhone to events involving family interaction. Extraneous dialogue with thy contraption in lieu of real conversation suggests addiction
10. Thou shalt never, ever, ever bring thy iPhone to bed. Do this often and thou shalt soon be ilone!

Could several of these be thy new priorities?

Smiles, have a GREAT week, and Keep On Seeking……………….Mark

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  1. Nicole Greer says:

    I am a BIG fan of Airplane Mode. Set your phone in this mode at night, during meals, and when you need silence.

    Love this Mark!

    Let’s make this a priority people!

    Vibrantly, Nicole

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