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The world should reasonably be able to expect a positive leadership example from people of notoriety, or at least not be a distraction to our workaday lives, but if you’re like me, you’re probably getting tired of hearing the name Charlie Sheen, and maybe a little disgusted with the example set by the likes of Lindsey Lohan!

Some folks are just high maintenance and low yield, and these two are proof that too much attention and too much power can be a deterrent to a life enriched by real achievement.

So, here is a short list of qualities we all need to become an exemplary leader:

1. Change the world by first changing yourself
2. Deliver a potent message
3. Make decisions by first thinking…….What would be good, better, or best
4. Leadership is really about influence. Make yours positive
5. Keep your close friends close and make sure your enemies have limited access to your profile
6. Never be too timid to stand in respect of another
7. Know your “why” and strive to constantly live it

Have a great week, and “Keep on Seeking”!

Best wishes………………Mark

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