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Becoming a World Class Listener

There’s an art to becoming a World Class Listener.
You start by showing an interest in someone then you listen……..really listen.
There’s an old proverb that goes “Listen with the intent to hear”.
I believe it means listening to what is being said but also to what is not being said………the words and emotions between the words.
Scientists call it “sensory acuity” (an ability to pay attention to the cues around you).
And listening intently to someone is one of the best ways I know to honor them and forge a deep human connection.
Show real interest in what others have to say and watch how quickly they’ll respond to you.
It works like magic, but there’s nothing magical about it!
I bet I can always do a little better……….how about YOU?
Smiles, have a GREAT week and Keep on Seeking…………..Mark

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