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Becoming Consciously Competent

On Sunday, my friend Melinda Fortier shared a concept with me that is credited to Gordon Training International. The matrix is simple to understand yet powerful in its relevance.

As Melinda was sharing, I realized that there are things we often do unconsciously competent, like bathe or drive a car.  We are so comfortable and so experienced doing these things that we don’t even have to concentrate on what we are doing or where we are going.

The really important question is………have we practiced so thoroughly on purpose, in low stress arenas, that when the pressure is on to serve our clients (or our family) we perform unconsciously competent?

It has been said that Ted Williams made hitting a baseball look easy. The truth is that Ted practiced by taking 1000 swings a day, 900 more than the average ball player.

He practiced, and practiced, and practiced on purpose. Malcolm Gladwell explains it as investing in the 10,000 hour rule.

There are a couple of priorities I’d like to be really terrific at. Gotta go…….cause I better set up my  practice schedule!


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