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The Priority Project’s Six FACETS of Achievement workbook is about realizing your potential. It’s about personal achievement and what really creates success in our lives.
The S in the FACETS represents Spirituality.
The sixth and last facet of the Priority Project workbook relates to the realm of the sacred, and a reverence for life itself.
Mark Twain once said: “The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.”

Whether your method of honoring the wonder of creation is through prayer, meditation, or ritual, this sixth facet is a common denominator for all who pursue a path to achievement.
Relax. This is some good stuff.
If you agree that your individual personhood—mind, body, and soul—is part of the universe, and that you have inherited the ability, if not the responsibility, to channel your personal energy to positive ends, then you possess spiritual awareness. But it’s not enough to acknowledge that you are a child of the universe or that you are “a piece of work.” The work is never finished.
You may want to consider something I penned sometime ago……”In the beginning we make choices, but in the end our choices make us.”
Internal peace and comfort come from searching for peace and reason. The “why” in the “what the heck is going on here”.
It’s easy to see the results of those that struggle with life’s challenges.
So, the easiest way to explain the importance of using spirituality to find success is the simple, but not simplistic thought, “When you find your “why”, you’ll find the “way””………and developing a mastery of spirituality brings peace to finding the “way”.
We should all have the universal right to worship how we choose, but don’t ignore the importance of making a choice.
To have the consistent internal peace you deserve, spend some time everyday embracing spirituality.
You’ll find your life will be calmer, and it will be easier to focus on happiness and success.
Smiles, have a great week, and Keep on Seeking………………….Mark


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