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Controlling YOUR Own Time

You’ve likely heard it said that “if YOU don’t control your time someone else will control it for you”.
You experience that principle regularly.
Over the past 15 years, I’ve taught thousands of people across the planet a similar principle.
“Things that get scheduled get done!”
You might find it interesting that a study of employees at a multinational company found on average just 73% of planned tasks were completed by the end of the work day and 58% cited interruptions as the reason for leaving their tasks incomplete.
Research also showed that workers are interrupted every 11 minutes then those same workers spend almost 1/3 of their day recovering from all the distractions.
So……..what to do?
Plan your day then work your plan.
Get in the habit of beginning your day with a personal planning session (I like for it to be 30-60 minutes).
Write down when you will work on your most important priorities.
Decide on today’s reading material and schedule exactly when you will read it.
Write those 2 personal notes.
Get specific about which personal connections you will make that day and decide exactly when you’re going to do it.
Reread your affirmations and goals.
Concentrate, calm, meditate and rest your mind.
For me……………this valuable and important time includes a little prayer (sometimes a big one).
You know what you need in order to create a life full of focus and success….just do it!
When you are consistent, your days will go better, you’ll reduce your stress level and you will lay your head on your pillow at night knowing you accomplished the day’s top priorities.
Try it for two weeks and let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear your results!
Smiles, have a GREAT week and Keep on Seeking………….Mark

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