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Derek Jeter, Idina Menzel, Mike Trout and Playing Hard

If you didn’t catch the MLB All Star Game last night, read on because here’s what you missed.
The weather in Minneapolis was beautiful and perfect for a baseball game.
Idina Menzel (also known as Adele Dazeem) was spectacular singing our National Anthem.
Derek Jeter made an awesome diving stop at shortstop almost making the first out of the game then came up to bat as the leadoff hitter for the American League and hit a double.
Mike Trout won the Most Valuable Player trophy (and a brand new Corvette) by playing good defense in left field and going 2 for 3 hitting a double and triple to secure a win for the American League (some say Mike will be the new face of baseball when Jeter retires at the end of this season).
I love baseball. I believe I love it so much because it reflects so much of our daily life.
There are lots of things going on throughout a baseball game.
Every player has a responsibility on every play.
If you focus too much attention on just one FACET of what it takes to win, you’ll likely pay a price for your inattention.
If you learn and practice the fundamentals well, you have a shot at being an All Star.
Last night, a FOX TV reporter asked Jeter a simple question referring to a Joe DiMaggio statement from years ago that when someone comes to see Joe play, he plays hard.
The reporter asked “You kind of take that to heart, don’t you”?
Derek replied by saying “I firmly believe that it doesn’t take any talent to play hard”.
Awesome! And it’s just as true for you and me.
Every day, we should play hard. Give it our best. Focus on all 6 FACETS.
That’s the difference in being a good player and an All Star.
Everybody can’t be a Jeter, Menzel, or a Trout, but if you play hard and never give up, the world will likely notice.
Smiles, have a great, and Keep on Seeking…………………..Mark

P.S. The 6 FACETS are from Don Greeson and my new workbook “The Priority Project”. I’ll write about each of the FACETS over the next 6 weeks. Hope you know that I appreciate you…………..

Derek Jeter

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