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I Double Dare You

Do you remember that oft repeated challenge?

I haven’t heard anyone say it to me in years, but it is just as applicable in 2013 as it was for me as a youngster in the 1960’s

This morning, I pulled out a decades old copy of a little book written by William H. Danforth. A simple title. “I Dare You!”

My favorite passage in this powerful little book was a quote from H. G. Wells. Wells said:

“The only true measure of success is the ratio between what we might have done and what we might have been on the one hand, and the thing we have made and the thing we have made of ourselves on the other.”

How do we measure up? I bet you’re doing great, but I’ve got some more work to do.

If you haven’t yet reached all your goals, if you’re confident that you have more to offer, if you are willing to accept that you haven’t completed your very best work, I offer you a challenge.

I dare you to make it happen.

Don’t slow down. Press forward. Stay motivated. Get focused on what it is you are really here for and set those steps in motion to let it happen. Make it a priority.

I double dare you!!

Smiles and have a great week…………………..Mark

P.S. I’d love to hear your successes so stay in touch.


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