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Look up Emotional Constipation in the Urban Dictionary and you will find this definition.

Emotional but unable to express it. Either because of 1.) numbness or 2.) it is socially inappropriate to do so.

1. Bob wants to cry but he just can’t for some reason, even though he knows it will make him feel better. Guess he’s experiencing some emotional constipation.

I’ve met a lot of people lately with this same disease. Sales are off, business is down, management is tougher than ever, being a leader is thankless, it is difficult to make ends meet or sometimes even get them to be in the same general vicinity.

When will life, business, or your situation get better? You already know that answer. It begins with a mindset, a decision to do something about your circumstances, and then proactive and creative movement.

My son Chase received his official notice today that he is a new Disney Cast Member. Chase has dreamed of this moment his whole life and I’m so very proud of him. He sent me a quote from Walt: “You can dream, create, design, and build the most wonderful place in the world…….but it requires people to make the dream a reality.”

Make your dream a reality. NOW is the BEST time to start!……..

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