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Last week, I promised to share Nido Quebin’s four critical steps to successful leadership (hope he doesn’t mind that I’ve added a fifth).

You may find that Nido’s philosophy also works in many areas of your life that aren’t related to leadership skills.

1. Clear Vision – if you don’t take the time to establish and envision what you want, how will you know when you’ve succeeded? The vision starts with your “Why”. (I like using vision boards and mind mapping)

2. Solid Strategy – plan your work and work your plan

3. Practical Systems – it’s not always necessary to invent a new system. Often, the most effective system has already been created. Use it and save yourself time and energy. Only if it’s not working do you go to the drawing board to recreate something new.

4. Consistent Execution – put the right people on the bus, make sure you have the right tools to finish the job, constantly reevaluate numbers 1 – 3 to make sure you are on track.

5. Undeterred Focus – Don’t begin a new project (or step) until you’ve accomplished the first. Stephen R. Covey referred to it as “first things first”.

How many times do we sabotage success because we have not implemented a usable system? This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I hope it can be as effective for you……….stay in touch and have a great week………Mark

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