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Getting COMMITTED to the Something

The Priority Project’s Six FACETS of Achievement workbook is about realizing your potential. It’s about personal achievement and what really creates success in our lives.
The third of the FACETS, the C, represents Commitment.
There is one simple rule you and I should have learned at a very young age……..
“Success favors the prepared.”
Preparation comes through clarity and is often defined as goal setting.
Experience shows that it’s wise to set goals around 5 areas of our lives.
1. Personal – volunteering, church, community, giving, relaxing, learning, improving
2. Family/Friends – social interaction, building relationships
3. Business/Professional – career advancement, business growth, leadership
4. Financial – security, recreational funds, wealth accumulation, retirement
5. Mission – business start-up, public office, career change, lifestyle change, finding our “WHY”
Goals become achievable when we believe they are possible, and just by changing your attitude, God or the Universe will send you signs that direct you toward your goal.
But………you have to do be committed to the process and the preparation.
Don Greeson says it this way: “There are two ways to reach the top of an oak tree. You can grab a limb and start climbing, or you can sit on an acorn and wait.”
If you’ve ever heard me speak or teach, you may have heard me say or you’ve seen on a power point slide either or both of these simple but true statements:
“What you focus on expands” and “Lead with a passionate plan and success will follow”.
Commitment is about setting your course and sticking with it.
We do that by clarifying what’s most important……..our priorities.
Why not get committed to something new today…………..right now………make it a priority!
You and the world that surrounds you will be the better for it.
Smiles and Keep on Seeking…………………Mark


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  1. Pooja says:

    I agree about responding prtolmpy and good customer service in general. Ive been surprised even horrified in some cases by how some businesses dont value this and leave people hanging for a long time, or forever. If a business is very busy and likely to take a while to get back to someone, a notification about that with a reasonable timeline quoted is both courteous and correct, IMO. Businesses should be monitoring the number of queries they get so they can adjust their support system accordingly. If they had any idea about how many customers they lose because of this past customers, as you point out, who are more likely to purchase again they would probably smarten up fast. I also agree that complaints can lead to very positive things. In fact, recently I purchased a chocolate bar that was stale and tasted absolutely terrible so I politely but firmly told the company via email. They replied prtolmpy with an apology and then sent me a few bars to make up for it. As a result, I am feeling more positive about purchasing from them again because they responded quickly, were polite, and offered a very generous apology. That will likely bring them more sales from me, and this is a premium product, and it was not a big expense on their side. I was polite to them too, of course, and I realise that not everyone is polite some people are very abusive but overall the polite, prompt and courteous approach can go a long way.

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