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So it’s Tuesday afternoon for me and I’m thinking quietly in seat 6B flying somewhere between Northwest Arkansas and Denver heading for Montana. This week is a six day teaching trip (already completed two days) and I’m hoping that many of the folks I have met or will meet are feeling a little discontent?

Not because I want them to be unhappy, but rather that if they’re not at least somewhat uncomfortable with their life or their circumstances they won’t change.

I read a recent study by Harvard that stated “90% of people that attend educational or growth sessions never actually experience long term change because they won’t take action for sufficient enough time to create new habits”. That makes me sad.

Are you accomplishing everything you need to be accomplishing? Is there some type of growth you need to be experiencing? Do you have a plan to change? Does this make you a little uncomfortable? I hope so.

I’m also hoping that you are happy but not complacent. We can have a positive impact on this big old world but it takes a continuous focus on priorities. Maybe you could start by writing them down. I’m confident that there is something else good you need to be doing, so get to work!

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