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I had the good fortune of hearing my good friend of 3 decades speak the other day.

As always, he shared pearls of wisdom that are worth sharing.

I have often referred to David White as a gifted and special person who is always there to encourage and enlighten.

David is a pleasure to be around. I hope you have a friend or three just like him. (If you do, thank them often for they are rare!)

David’s main points:

1. Happiness or unhappiness are much to our own making

2. The more realistic we are about what brings us happiness and the more focused we are on those things, the more happiness we will find

3. Nobody can be happy 24 hours a day but we can embrace each little piece of happiness and connect them together to create a happy life

4. You can choose to make others happy or make them miserable…………your choice

5. Consciously smile more often……if you are happy, let your face know it

6. Happiness is multiplied when we share it with others

I hope just thinking about this topic makes you happy. In fact, the very next person you see, give them your BEST smile (and try not to be cynical).

I bet it makes you happy…….probably them too!……smile, and have a great week………..Mark

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