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Hope Is Not A Strategy

We’re all on the struggle bus sometimes

It’s interesting and sometimes humbling to watch people struggle. Companies and organizations I worked with, as well as people I’ve coached have invested thousands of dollars and sometimes spent weeks creating massive new strategic plans that just don’t work.

My personal experience is simple………if I’m really committed to change, it only takes 5 steps and 90 days.

Step 1. Understanding with clarity and honesty where I currently am.
Step 2. Deciding where I want to be in the next 90 days.
Step 3. Deciding why that’s important.
Step 4. Writing down the steps on how I’m going to make it happen.
Step 5. Take immediate action.

If you want to add a 6th step, it would be………….repeat if necessary.

The most important part of the process for me is writing down what I want in a prominent place where I know it’s a priority then telling someone that will help me be accountable (for me, that’s usually my wife Gigi).

Hope is not a strategy. If you want to see real change in your life, just take action.

Why not create a new Priority Project TODAY!

You’ll be amazed at how much you accomplish and you’ll be proud of the NEW YOU!
Smiles, have a great week, and Keep On Seeking……………Mark

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