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A thermometer measures the temperature. A thermostat measures the temperature then responds. While a thermometer is a passive tool, the thermostat is a pro-active tool. People act much the same.

Passive people are like thermometers. They tell a story but do nothing to create one. They have problems and difficulties and believe there isn’t much they can do it improve their circumstances. They moan and groan and feel helpless as they watch the world all around them. They don’t adapt easily. Drop one and it might just break.

Pro-active people are more like thermostats. When they are faced with difficulty, they kick into action. They believe that something can be done. A solution can be found. They respond. They make decisions. They choose to move in some direction, often any direction that might create positive change and it often does.

If life is tough or business is down, reset your thermostat. Begin today. Make something positive happen that will help you begin a new life. It’s time…………

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