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How Are YOU Investing YOUR Time?

Just a few months ago, a concerned business owner engaged me to speak at their company on the topic of “The Wisest Use of Our Time”.
As I researched deeper in preparation, I found a couple interesting studies worthy of sharing.
1. It’s estimated that Americans 12 and older spend 1,704 hours watching TV (or at least distracted by the TV) per year. That’s 4.7 hours on average per day, almost 33 hours per week. The equivalent of watching TV for two solid months every year.
2. The average US driver spends 400 hours each year in their car.
These studies should lead to one big question.
How are we investing OUR idle time?
Are we caught in a cycle of feeding our mind with trash?
Three years of that driving time would likely be equivalent to two years of college.
Just think what might happen if we chose to spend that nonproductive time actively listening to mind expanding material?
If we just turned off that TV for 30 minutes a day, five days each week, and read something that would grow our business, improve our skills, or perfect our family, we’d end up investing 125 hours every year improving our circumstances.
Think of the possibilities!
Is it time to set a new priority?
I’m gonna’ make sure I make a change. Will you join me?
Aren’t you feeling smarter already!
Smiles, have a GREAT week and Keep on Seeking…………Mark
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