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How Distracted are YOU?

Recently, everyone at my presentations receive a 4×6 card with a simple question on it.
My request is for each person to fill it out and turn it in before they leave.
Many do, and I’ve already collected and reviewed a lot of cards.
Here’s the question printed on the card; “What are your BIGGEST points of pain in maintaining your successful business?”
All these wonderful people are just like you and you both have at least two things in common.
1. You’re involved in some kind of business because everyone is (even if it’s just the business of raising kids – or parents).
2. How you invest your time dictates the level of success you achieve in your business and ultimately in your life.
You might be interested to know that I’m already seeing a pattern of pain points centered on issues with time management, organization, communication skills, and focus.
Throughout the year, I’ll be writing about what I learn from this new study but to get you started, here’s a couple thoughts I already have that apply.
“Don’t let distractions keep you from your destiny!”
“You will not find the success you seek in isolation. It takes a community of ideas, experiences and encouragement to reach your full potential.”
I hope you’ll stay tuned every Wednesday because I believe it will be fun and enlightening to see what we learn.
Smiles, have a GREAT week and keep on seeking…………………….Mark
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