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Last Tuesday was the official release date for my friends, Bob Burg and John David Mann’s brand new parable, IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU. Written in the style of their huge international bestseller, THE GO-GIVER, the story is woven around captivating new characters who will both touch your heart and show you how to be the leader and influencer you’ve always known you can be.

Set once again in the fictional Pindar’s town (with some inside references readers of THE GO-GIVER will enjoy bumping into!), this book expands on the first book’s Third Law, “The Law of Influence,” showing what happens when an unexpectedly cagey mentor by the name of Aunt Elle takes the ambitious young Ben under her wing and shifts his focus in a way he never expected.

The book is filled with quotes you’ll enjoy using. And if you currently lead a team, my guess is you’ll most likely suggest that everyone on your team read it.

If you want a preview, you can go to and download Chapters One and Two. If you like what you read (and I believe you will) you can click right through and purchase online. I’ll be purchasing additional copies for my closest friends.

You’re going to enjoy this book and I recommend that you read it!…….

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