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It’s Now How YOU Wow!

Amazon changed how we buy books.
Netflix and Redbox changed how we rent movies.
Airnb is changing the short term stay.
Uber is changing public transportation.
Yelp is changing the future of YOUR referral business.
The status quo has changed and whether we are ready or not, it will continue to change.
Change is hard, but YOU Can Do Hard Things!
I was listening to the August Success Magazine CD on my way to the airport recently, and Darren Hardy shared a valuable lesson he called:
6 Ways to Disrupt YOUR Business
1. Eliminate customer pain points – what drives them crazy
2. Reduce complexity
3. Provide more value
4. Run towards what your competition is running away from
5. Embrace technology changes
6. Always be transparent and have complete integrity
We can watch while innovators change the world, or we can suck it up and be the conduit for the change we want to see.
Forget thinking out of the box and become the deliverer. You CAN Do Hard Things!
Smiles, have a GREAT week, and Keep on Seeking……..Mark


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