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“Just a Little” Might Always Be Best

I keep observing that too generous amount of anything does more harm than good.

Just a little of that pecan pie is much better than the whole pie; cause we’ll get fat.

Just a little bit of vacation is better than a lot; cause we’ll get lazy.

A good balance of money in our bank account is better than winning the big lottery; earning it leads to better fiscal decision making and statistics show, less financial pain.

Some exercise every day is better than a lot sporadically; everyday will keep us healthy, too much on a single day can get us injured.

Focus controlled throughout our day guarantees success; when uncontrolled, it drives the people around us crazy.

A little bit of onions are delicious; a lot causes people to stand way out of our personal space.

Joy comes best in little pieces; if you felt it every minute of every day, joy just wouldn’t be as joyful.

Writing long detailed messages might show brilliance; but limiting it to a minute keeps people reading!

If I’m wrong on my “Just a Little” theory, let me know. I’d love to hear a little of your objections…………smiles and have a great week!

Keep on seeking………………….Mark
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