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Right now, I’m sitting at the desk in a hotel room somewhere in a distant land (I do that a lot), sulking about a mediocre evaluation I just received on a recent presentation (fortunately, that doesn’t often happen – the sulking or the mediocre evaluation), and I’m reconsidering what I could have done to make that session better.

The sulk is because I personally evaluate every session within a few hours so it is fresh, and again within a few days and I really thought that I zinged em’.

In fact, I also gauge some of my personal evaluations based on how many verbal thank-you’s I receive right after I speak, how many emails I get within 24 hours, and how many thank-you notes I receive within a week. This particular session was higher than average in all of those categories.

The one thing I did notice that day was a group of women that came in late, sat toward the back, appeared to be already unhappy, and never changed their appearance throughout the day. Much of the time, they carried on side conversations and just looked like they woke up sucking on dill pickles.

For this event, there were just a small number of participant evaluations completed, so I’m hoping that these women were responsible for the much lower than usual score. You know how that goes…….if you’re unhappy, make sure you tell everyone but the actual person that could correct the problem, because heaven forbid you might have a confrontation!

Anyway, there’s a point to my madness! Some things you just can’t control, and most often it is someone else’s response or reaction. You can although, control your own ABC’s.

A – Attitude – No one can upset or offend you unless you allow it to be so. I’ve heard it said that Attitude Determines Altitude.

B – Behavior – You get to decide how you will react to EVERY situation. Remember to make your family and especially your mama proud.

C – Commitment – You get to write your own legacy. What do you want to be remembered for? What is your “WHY” and do you choose live it every day?

I’ll get over my disappointment by morning and I realize that in order to really appreciate the perfect days, we have to have some bad ones to compare.

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