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I spent most of last week in Washington, DC at the NAR Mid-Year and CRS Mid-Year meetings. I was often amazed, amused, surprised, and mostly not delighted by the experience.

Even in tough times, maybe even more in tough times, the world appears full of leaders that are clearly motivated by politics and self interest. It was apparent that many of the folks I observed were more focused on “being interesting rather than being interested”. They just weren’t listening to the folks they were supposed to be representing. So, here is what I really learned from the experience…………..

There are thousands of species of flowers. Each is unique in its beauty and fragrance. When you don’t stop to observe, enjoy, or experience them, you miss the opportunity and the blessing. And you also missed the chance to change your world for the better.

Leadership 2.0 should be about “listening with the intent to hear”! Oh well, maybe it will be better next year?……………have a terrific week……………Mark

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