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Leaning In

Have you ever heard someone say something so interesting that you caught yourself leaning in?
Because you were moved by the thought, or just so you could say wow?
I’ve witnessed a simple principle by watching people lean in:
The curious have a desire to understand how something works.
The Seeker has an insatiable desire to determine how it can work better.
The curious are satisfied once they see how it is done.
The Seeker can’t rest until they do it better.
The curious settle when they do something well.
The Seeker is never at rest until they reach their definition of Mastery.
Be a Seeker. Many people say they want to improve but actually do nothing to make it happen.
There’s so little competition in becoming the BEST you can be.
Smiles, have a GREAT week, and Keep on Seeking…………………….Mark

lean in to the wind


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