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Golf is a frustrating sport but I keep playing (mostly to spend time with my sons). Occasionally, I hit a really good shot so I know it’s possible to do it again.  The perfect golf day though would be the day I get to see one on my sons hit a hole in one.

Life is a lot the same. Occasionally, I teach a class or speak to a group of people that the folks seem to get what I wish for them. The perfect days are the days I knew I helped someone make the first steps necessary to improve their life.

None the less, I believe life and golf relate.

You visualize the drive. You accept where it lands and move on to the next shot. With practice, focus, and with some effort you shoot under par.

You’ve probably heard that it takes 10,000 hours to become a master. I think I’ll keep investing my time in trying to help bring out the best in others and find ways to enrich lives. I’ll just keep playing golf for the enjoyment.

By the way……..Tiger won again this week for the first time in a long while. Good for him! He made some poor decisions and I’m glad to see that he’s making positive changes in his life and creating a comeback.

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  1. brianpenn says:

    Golf is a lot like life and you can learn much about people from playing a round of golf with them. I believe there are three things that can give you a quick read on an individual’s personality
    1- how they play golf
    2- type and condition of the shoe they wear
    3- what they drive

    Thanks! Brian

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