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Sometimes, life can be predictably unfair. The challenges of running a business or organization (and even a family for that matter) seems to regularly bring difficulties that go along with the blessings. In our new book, Don Greeson and I compare dealing with problems to juggling. In order to capture a new thought or experience a new beginning, you must first release that bad habit or unfortunate challenge. Juggling is about releasing before you can make the catch! Some say balance, we say focus. Here’s a couple of other thoughts I hope you will consider valuable:

1. It’s easy to choose when the the decision was made days, weeks, months, or years ago. Make positive decisions now for your predictable future circumstances
2. It’s easy to decide when the decision was made before the stress of the moment
3. Leadership is really about influence. Make your example a positive one
4. You are a creation of your own invention. Invent daily
5. We can often be in a bit of a hurry. What quality of work do we produce when we don’t take the time to think it through or clean it up
6. Remember the 80/20 principle – 20% of your efforts produce 80% of your success

Have a great week and strive to change the world by changing yourself first!

Keep On Seeking…………..Mark
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