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Living in an Artificial World

A couple days ago, a friend of mine said in one of his typically wise moments:
“We live in a world where lemonade is made of artificial flavor, but furniture polish is made with real lemons”!
It might be a silly thought, but it’s true.
Companies, organizations, and people are trying desperately to grab our attention.
Many lack a smidgen of integrity.
These folks create frustration, aggravation, and distrust in the marketplace.
Focus instead on being genuine and full of substance.
Be the Real Deal.
When we do, we’ll have so many raving fans that life and business become easy.
Possible……..I believe it is when we choose to make being transparent a priority.
Smiles………have a GREAT week, and Keep on Seeking………………Mark

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  1. Huguito says:

    So much of what I work with in the ministries I lead have to do with coiachng. You really did save the best, and most important, for last. Accountability, walking the talk, in a manner that is consistent with the integrity we talk about and keeping that walk to a high standard are so important in influencing other leaders to up’ their game. I have a group of people around me that are constantly watching me and they have my permission and bring things to my attention quickly if I ever get off base. So valuable.

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