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This past Sunday my lifelong buddy David White was speaking about the recent death of a friend. David made an interesting statement and then asked a significant question. “It is interesting that today is March 4th. Are we marching forth or are we so caught up in what has happened in the past that we postpone or stagnate our future?” That’s a cool observation and a great question.

The reality is that we cannot change the past but we can choose to improve our future.

 We are nearly one fifth of the way through 2012. If you set new goals or made New Year’s resolutions it is already time to evaluate your progress. Take a moment to reflect on these possibilities;

1. If you were focused on weight loss goals, can you see the difference?

2. If it was important to improve your health, can you feel the difference?

3. If you made plans to improve a skill, have you?

4. If you needed to form a new habit, did you begin (it only takes 21 days)?

5. If you set financial goals, are you on track?

Whatever your goal, there is still time to make it happen. Set your priorities and get to work. I know you can!

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