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Bosendorfer grand piano

If you play piano, you likely learned very early that you have a choice of performing on 72 keys or 88 keys.

But does it really make a difference when you’re tickling the ivories?

Yes it does.

A piano with 88 keys is capable of reproducing the entire multiple octave spectrum of instruments used in an orchestra or band. Performing on 72 keys limits our possibilities and some would say the beauty and even the magnificence of the performance. A pro would never consider it!

We have the same choices presented to us every day.

Do we under-perform because of poor choices, limited preparation and less than perfect practice, or do we soar to our maximum ability because we use better tools available to us.

Do we limit ourselves by choosing a shortened keyboard?

Choose mastery. Choose 88 and folks will rise to give you that standing ovation………….smiles and have a great week……………Mark

P.S. If you are interested in pianos, the Bosendorfer 9′ 6″ Concert Grand has 97 keys. The extra keys are at the bottom of the keyboard, extending from low A down to a growling really low C. As far as we know, there is no piano literature written that includes any played notes beyond the lowest A on a standard 88 key piano, but it’s just one more way to out play the competition.

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  1. Carol Y. Hayashi says:

    I was wondering what brilliant idea would come from you today. Awesome!

    8 is a good luck number for Chinese. J

    Have a great day!

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