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Mark’s Minute – April 17, 2013 – You = a Sponge or a Rock


Not to terribly long ago, a Harvard Business Review study revealed that only 10% of people have a learning mindset.

That of course translates to the other 90% not looking to improve their individual skills without some kind of push or coerced motivation.

Pathetic isn’t it and I’m confident that the study never included you!

You already know that scheduling time to read something of value always produces positive results.

In Jeff Olsen’s superb book, The Slight Edge, Jeff shares what I believe is a simple sentence to creating exactly what we are seeking.

“A positive philosophy turns into a positive attitude, which turns into positive actions, which turn into positive results, which turn into a positive lifestyle”…………stop and read that again.

One positive philosophy is to be a sponge rather than a rock. Read something every day that adds value to your life. Translated as, schedule time every day to learn something new or different. It really is that simple. No excuses allowed here. Fifteen minutes a day will change the course of your life.

Leaders are readers………………..smiles and have a great week………Mark

And you might consider reading my new book with the brilliant Don Greeson “Finding My Why, Glori’s Story………a Tale of Achievement”. The reviews have been wonderful.

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