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Practice Makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect………..right?

Not really. Only perfect practice makes perfect.

If what you are doing is not working the way you thought it should, or the way the experts told you it would, you’re likely practicing incorrectly.

Maybe it’s time to stop and adjust.

You have to practice, practice, practice, but the practice won’t help you get results unless you’re focused on perfect practice. Just investing your time in the 10,000 hour rule isn’t enough.

The baseball world says that Ted Williams is arguably the greatest hitter to ever play the game.

Ted Williams took 1000 swings every day, about 900 more than anyone else of his day, and that is why hitting “came easy”. I wonder if Ted’s secret was not just in the extra swings, but in an extraordinary attention to perfection.

You can also be the best of our day. I believe it and you should too………..go get em’ kid and have a great week……………smiles……………Mark

ted williams

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