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Mark’s Minute – Feb 18, 2015 – Why YOU are Stuck and 5.5 Ways to get Unstuck!

It happens to all of us.
For a hundred different reasons, we just get stuck and can’t seem to get going.
It’s only February and I’m already there. It can be so frustrating!
So to get unstuck, I put together 5.5 action steps to get me moving again.
I believe these principles might help you too……..
1. Take a good luck at what you’re doing the first hour of the day – laser in on the most productive things and get rid of the garbage (I read a study yesterday that 68% of people sleep with their phone beside their bed……if that’s you, stop the addiction… know where it leads).
2. Whenever possible, think of 3 positive things you’re grateful for or going to do that day BEFORE you plant your feet on the floor………and smile……..doesn’t that make you feel a little better?
3. Stop overloading your brain with all the things you need to do and just do that first thing first. My buddy Mike Selvaggio suggested “if that pressing thing that needs attention can be completed in 2 minutes or less…………..get er’done and move on from the distraction!
4. Stop overloading your schedule and delegate something (unless ONLY YOU can do it).
5. I’ve mentioned in Mark’s Minute what my friend John Mann teaches – “things that are easy to do are also easy not to do”………so get those easy things done every day and stop procrastinating.
5.5 Take some time at the end of EVERY day to reflect on 3 things you did right. Those positive thoughts will help you realize that you may not be exactly where you want to be, but you’re making real progress.
Hope this helps a little. I’m feeling better already. I may be in deep, but I’m not totally stuck.
At least the wheels are still turning, the brain is still grinding and I’m progressing on those priorities!
Hope you are too………..
Smiles, have a GREAT week, and Keep on Seeking……………..Mark

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  1. Nicole Greer says:

    Thanks for this fun and REALISTIC to-do list that will keep us moving! Delegation is HUGE. I always implore my clients to make a list of the things you procrastinate around. When we go over the list, I suggest that perhaps these tasks could be done by someone else who LOVES these things! Our aim is to always focus on our strengths and to have someone else on the TEAM shore us up by doing things for us where we are challenged!

    • markgiven says:

      Hey Nicole…….and isn’t a blessing when we are bold enough to invite someone to help us……that takes courage and some grit!……one thing I’ve learned about you Nicole Greer is that you’ve got GRIT!…….keep it up!!……….smiles……….Mark

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