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We got off a red eye flight about 5:10am yesterday morning in Chicago traveling from L.A. to Raleigh. In my haste, I walked right past a little sign posted above a display at Hudson books.

 Gigi noticed it and quietly repeated it out loud to me as we headed directly to gate B10.

 The message is so simple. It is profound. It is the kind of message that I had to walk back and write it down so I could it share with you.

 “Greatness is a matter of conscious choice and discipline.”

 Pause for a moment and reflect on the great people that you are associated with. They didn’t become great by happenstance. They didn’t become great by luck. They became great because of who they are or what they stand for. They’ve earned the designation and the best part is, they may not even know it.

 Take the time today to thank someone that is great in your eyes. They deserve to know and you’ll be glad that you told them…………………smiles and have a great week………………….Mark


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