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We often relate the word conversion to a religious or spiritual event, but that’s not the only kind of conversion. The definition on my mind is a little broader as it relates to business or to our daily activities.

Conversion = a change of behavior.

Conversion is a process. Conversion rarely takes place in a single event.

Conversion principles can be simplistic in concept, but they are not simple to perform with consistency.

I’ve spent the last month crisscrossing the country sharing proven systems and techniques relating to personal performance, business planning, budgets, time management, happiness, and success.

What I shared was that we all have the capacity of conversion, but do we have the stamina to make it happen? Are we truly committed to making a change?

Go ahead, make that change. You already know where to start. I know you can do it. Stay in touch and let me know how it happened for you!…………….have a great week………….Mark

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  1. Carol Y. Hayashi says:

    A gem! Must print! Thank you!!

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