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Mark’s Minute – Feb 4, 2015 – The Value in Damaged Goods

I observed an interesting lesson this week in my local grocery store.
In the middle of an isle was a large bin of marked down canned vegetables.
Each can was still in date.
The label was not torn.
All I could find was a dent or two.
Someone had knocked them, or dropped them, or bounced them, or maybe even punched them.
Here’s the irony.
The can may have been dented, but what was inside was still delicious.
We’re the same.
Sometimes we get knocked, or dropped, or bounced, or even punched.
But inside, we’ve still got the good stuff.
And, with the right attitude, the more we get knocked, and dropped, and bounced, and punched the more savory we become.
More experienced, more knowledgeable, and of greater worth.
So here’s to having it rough sometimes.
It increases our value and helps make us so much more piquant!
Smiles, have a GREAT week, and Keep on Seeking…………..Mark

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